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Vladì Shoes

Vladì Shoes: Craftsmanship, Quality and Style Made in Italy

Our Story

Wearing handmade leather Vladì Shoes means wearing a story that begins long ago. From inspiration to realization, it’s like telling a fairy tale with romantic nuances, which tells our vision of the world, imbued with values such as Beauty and Quality. Behind every unrepeatable gesture of the thousand that hide behind finished shoes, there’re also the personal stories of Pietro, Giorgia, Serena, Marta, Stefania and other women and men who dedicated their lives out of the design, manufacture and processing of leather. Right from the conception stages, Vladì shoes are unique and exclusive accessories, to which are added priceless riches, such as the know-how of generations of producers and all the value of “Made in Italy” as a brand of refined production.

Vladì Concept

The passion for shoes and for challenges; love for creativity and for all forms of artistic expression; curiosity gave birth to Vladì: a project that wants to experiment; to give a new vision of fashion, free from rules. We think that fashion is what each of us expresses and personifies; it’s to be oneself; having the courage to experiment and have fun.
It’s in this belief that we work and create the Vladì collections: in the dream of being able to offer an alternative, a different way of understanding fashion and its trends.

Vladì Lab

The moods and stories we want to tell materialize with the product design, which represents the beginning of the journey that will lead us to the final product. Then the production of the model begins: the cutting of the hides, the hemming, the skiving and the passage to the joining, where the leather cuts come together and begin to take on the shape of the designed shoe. Thus, the finished upper passes to the fixing with the last and to the stitching, while the bottom is prepared and the leather of the future shoe is hand carded. With the laying on the last, Vladì creations take their final shape, the boot leggings receive their ironing and all the products are prepared for quality control. A production process that seeks perfection, with the aim of creating unique footwear, ready to conquer you and become a piece of your history.

Rockabilly Attitude

The term “rockabilly” comes from the words “rock” and “hillbilly”, which is a mix of different styles and this brings us to the origins of this music. Rockabilly is one of the oldest styles of rock and roll that first appeared in the southern United States in the 1950s, able to go beyond the concept of music and also influencing culture and fashion.

So, if we talk about rockabilly style, surely, USA and UK are the undisputed “cradles” of the genre.
Vladì brings its sophisticated reinterpretation of rockabilly to the US and UK.

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